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Sub Courses Program Name Duration(Hours) Price
Sub Course ESL Classes 40/H For One Week Only $1900


At Elite Royal International Career College, for students from all cultural backgrounds, we provide opportunities to learn English. Learning about Canadian cultures and linguistic preparation for college programmes are the main areas of emphasis in our ESL programme
We offer a two-month program which is Academic Prerequisite 1 and Academic Prerequisite-2

The Academic Prerequisite 1 comprises of following programs:

  1. Communications in English
  2. Business Documents
  3. Presentations
  4. Research Techniques

Students who have had some past exposure to English and wish to advance their fundamental reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities in a classroom setting may enrol in this course. Students will get the chance to discuss information with other members of a small group while identifying primary ideas and supporting details from straightforward listening passages and reading passages on well- known themes. Students will converse with their peers about everyday issues using proper grammar, pertinent terminology, and social cues. Students will write a paragraph about themselves and others, as well as whole sentences.

The Academic Prerequisite 2 comprises of following programs:

  1. English Grammar
  2. Speaking
  3. Listening
  4. Writing

The potential to continue honing your reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities in a more challenging setting is increased by taking this course. While working with reading and audio materials pertaining to well-known issues of current interest, students will read the major concepts and supporting facts. In addition to writing well-formatted narrative and descriptive paragraphs and conversing with classmates in a way that emphasises requesting information and sharing personal experiences, students will acquire and practise new vocabulary and grammar structures. The presentation subject and writing assignment will be connected in the students’ brief presentations.

Learning Outcomes

The graduate has consistently shown the ability to:

  1. Apply critical thinking and self -management techniques to tasks of a personal or academic nature.
  2. Use English language in common written tasks
  3. Comprehend information presented in a variety of forms.
  4. Use functional language in everyday interactions.

Sub-Courses (Certificate Course)

Acne is a skin ailment that happens when oil and dead skin cells build up in your hair follicles and clog them. It most commonly appears on the face, forehead, chest, upper back, and shoulders, and can cause whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples. Teenagers are particularly susceptible to acne, but it can affect people of all ages.

Although there are many effective treatments available, acne can be difficult to manage. If you have acne, you may notice that your pimples and bumps heal slowly and that as soon as you get rid of them, new ones appear.

Many people experience emotional distress as a result of severe acne. Scarring is also a possibility. The earlier you begin treatment, the lesser your risk of developing such issues; however, it is important that you get treatment at any stage in your life.

Causes of acne

Acne is caused by four basic factors:

    • Overproduction of oil
    • Oil and dead skin cells have clogged hair follicles
    • Excess hormonal activity (androgens)


What Are Comedones?

A comedo, also known as a basic acne lesion, is a clogged hair follicle containing oil and dead skin cells.

What Are Blackheads?

Comedones that are open at the skin’s surface are known as blackheads. They’re also clogged with dead skin cells and excess oil.

What Are Whiteheads?

Whiteheads are comedones that are closed up at the skin’s surface and remain closed. A hair follicle can’t open because of the build-up of oil and skin cells.

What Are Papules?

Comedones that have grown inflamed are known as papules. Small red or pink pimples appear on the skin. The presence of a large number of papules could suggest moderate to severe acne.

What Are Pustules?

Pustules are simply a different type of inflammatory pimple. The bump looks like a whitehead and has a red ring around it. It is usually filled with white or yellow pus.

Treatment for acne

Effective acne treatments assist to avoid scarring by reducing oil production, speeding up skin cell turnover, fighting bacterial infection, and reducing inflammation. It’s possible that progress will be gradual. Most acne treatments take four to eight weeks to show effects, and your skin may temporarily deteriorate before it improves.

How Does 2D Laser Acne Therapy Work?

To treat moderate to severe acne, the 2D Laser Acne therapy uses non-invasive Nd:Yag laser technology. The laser generates a wavelength that passes through the skin and concentrates in the hyperactive sebaceous (oil) glands. As a result, acne outbreaks are significantly reduced. The second laser treatment has been shown to reduce pore size, remove inflamed acne lesions, and fade chronic red blemishes and red acne scars. You’ll be back to your regular activities right away after this painless treatment—no downtime required.

The most popular method for permanently removing extra hair is laser hair removal. Unwanted body and facial hair can be aggravating and uncomfortable. Tweezing, waxing, and shaving are merely temporary fixes, whereas electrolysis takes an eternity and is extremely unpleasant. We can treat men and women of all skin tones and hair types in a safe and effective manner, removing unwanted hair fast, painlessly, and permanently.

How hair grows

To comprehend how laser hair removal works, you must first comprehend how hair develops. In a three-phase cycle, it emerges from deep within the hair follicle. The length of a hair’s growth cycle is determined by its colour, thickness, and location on the body. The active growth phase of hair on your head, for example, can endure for years, whereas the active growth phase of hair on your body may only last a few months. Individuals have different rates of growth.

We use a high-end laser machine for our hair removal treatments, allowing us to safely and successfully treat all skin and hair types. All of our lasers can be used on any part of the body and typically do not require anaesthesia. Even sensitive regions like the upper lip, areolas, and bikini line can be readily and comfortably treated. 

How it works

The laser emits light pulses that bypass the skin’s pigment and target just the melanin in the hair follicle, inflicting selective damage to the hair root while sparing the skin’s delicate pores and structures. Hairs in the active growth phase, also known as the anagen phase, are predominantly disabled by the laser. Because not all hair follicles in a given place are in the same phase at the same time, several treatments may be necessary to disable all of the hair follicles.

Elite  Medical Aesthetics Clinic will work with you to create a treatment plan that is unique to you. The number of laser hair removal treatments required by Toronto patients vary depending on factors such as hair thickness, treatment area, and hair growth cycle.

The most popular treatment for glowing, youthful skin!

Microneedling has been dubbed “the next big thing in anti-aging” by Vogue magazine, and with good reason: this treatment is incredible at assisting your skin in producing the collagen and elastin needed for healthy, restored, younger-looking skin. It accomplishes so with none of the downtime or trauma that more intrusive procedures entail.

Microneedling has become a favourite among celebrity A-listers for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, acne or scarring, sun damage and hyperpigmentation, or simply restoring a healthy youthful glow, and it can make a difference for you as well.

What is a medical facial?

Medical facials are targeted to your skin’s specific needs and often follow the same stages as a spa facial—cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, and moisturizing—but on a more intensive level. Medical facials are targeted to your skin’s specific needs and often follow the same stages as a spa facial—cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, and moisturizing—but on a more intensive level.

Medical facials can also be used to support other noninvasive procedures like injectable skin fillers and laser resurfacing. It might help your skin prepare for the treatment and improve the outcomes thereafter. It’s also a plus if your cosmetic doctor and medical aesthetician can work together to establish the optimal game plan.

Who is a medical facial for?

A medical facial may be customised to meet your skin’s needs, whether it’s to treat ageing, dehydrated, sun-damaged, or acne-prone skin, thanks to the wide range of treatments, instruments, and materials available.

Chemical peel treatment history

Chemical peels have been used to improve the appearance of the skin for ages. Ancient Egyptians treated their skin using sour milk, which contains lactic acid, in combination with oils and alabaster. Since the 1880s, phenol and salicylic acid have been used to exfoliate and lighten freckles and melasma. Chemical peel compositions and delivery systems have improved throughout time, allowing them to safely penetrate deeper into the skin for more obvious results.

The chemical peel process

We constantly go above and beyond at Elite Medical Aesthetics. When you choose one of our chemical peels, you can also choose to have your skin prepared with microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion prior to a peel allows the exfoliating acids to penetrate the skin more effectively, resulting in more obvious results.

A paintbrush-like applicator is used to apply the chemical solution to the skin. The chemical peel is neutralised and rinsed when the appropriate time has passed. Our estheticians also provide pampering post-peel treatments that replenish the skin’s hydration and nutrients using dermalogical serums and oils.

Talk to our specialist to determine the best type of Chemical Peel for you.

What To Expect During Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical peels are a good way to exfoliate and increase cell turnover. A tingling or stinging feeling may occur during treatment, and your skin will whiten. You may notice the following after the treatment:

  • Redness
  • Tightness
  • Mild swelling

The uppermost layer of new skin may crust and flake as it develops, and the colour may be uneven. The duration of these symptoms is usually less than five days.

Benefits of chemical peels

Chemical peels exfoliate the skin and provide a number of noticeable benefits, including:

  • Smoother texture
  • More even skin tone, including areas discolored by scars, acne and other hyperpigmentations
  • Brighter, clearer complexion
  • Smaller pores

Chemical peels remove dullness and leave you looking younger and more radiant.

Chemical Peel Preparations And Contraindications

Chemical peels expose your face to the elements for a short period of time. Before you peel, do the following to reduce the risk of irritation:

  • For at least three days, don’t take vitamins A and C (orally).
  • For at least one week, avoid utilising products containing vitamins A and C.
  • For at least two days, don’t scrub your face.

Any medications you’re taking should be disclosed to your esthetician.

Chemical peels are not available to clients who have had phenol peels and/or isotretinoin (Accutane) therapy within the last six months.

Brighten Your Appearance

Elite Medical Aesthetics Clinic’s skilled staff can assist you in selecting the best peel to brighten your skin. We may also prescribe various facial spa services for hyperpigmentation that make your face less vulnerable, depending on your skin type and the time of year.

We provide sophisticated client education to help you get the most out of your time with us. Remove any blemishes to reveal a new look. For a free consultation to choose the best chemical peel for you, contact Rejuvenate Spa NY.

Elite Medical Aesthetics Clinic can provide you with a relaxing peel treatment to restore your health and beauty.


We’ve got all your waxing needs covered, whether you’re looking for the ideal Brazilian or the help of our expert brow whisperers. We provide full-body waxing, including facial waxing, Brazilian waxing, and brow shaping.


We have all of your waxing needs covered, whether you’re looking for the ideal Brazilian or the help of our expert brow whisperers.