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We at Elite Royal International work hard to meet students’ needs by providing existing market-driven initiatives with plenty of hands-on experience to help them succeed in their chosen profession. Our Team knows how difficult it is to learn the skills needed to be competitive in the beauty, health, and wellness industry. Any student will benefit from a hands-on, stimulating, open, and supportive learning experience provided by our dedication to delivering appropriate, cutting-edge courses and programmes offered by renowned industry experts.

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Aesthetics - Program Overview


Program IDProgram NameDuration(Hours)Total Tuition (Domestic)Total Tuition (International)Type
The Aesthetics programme at Elite Royal International prepares students for a lucrative and satisfying future in the aesthetics industry. You’ll learn how to do a variety of facial and body procedures, all the while learning about the important business and leadership skills that can help you excel in today’s tough job market. This may be the profession for you if you’re interested in health and beauty and want a job that makes you excited to go to work every day!


Course: Skin Care

Inclusions: Basic / Intermediate / Advanced Procedure

Tuition: 1900

Course: Nail Technology

Inclusions: Anatomy, physiology, disorder and disease. Ingredients and product information

Tuition: 1500


Course: Nail Arts

Inclusions: The art of manicure, pedicure. Hands and feet treatments

Tuition: 500


Course: Nail Extensions

Inclusions: Nail arts, designs, tips, mends, overlays, silk, acrylic and shellac

Tuition: 1200


Course: Eyebrow and Lash Artistry

Inclusions: Waxing, lash extensions, and brow tinting

Tuition: 1500


Course: Make-up Artistry

Inclusions: Fundamentals of make-up application

Tuition: 800


Course: Advanced Hair & Makeup

Inclusions: Bridal concepts, hair updo, day, evening, eyelash extensions

Tuition: 1950


Course: General Science

Inclusions: Infection control; Advance histology of the cell and the skin; Hormones, anatomy and physiology, chemistry and biochemistry; Laser, light, energy, and radiofrequency

Tuition: 800


Course: Face and Body

Inclusions: Facial techniques; full body hair removal

Tuition: 500


Course: Science of Skin (Advanced Procedure)

Inclusions: Wellness Management; Advanced skin disorders; Skin typing and aging analysis; Chemistry, ingredients and selection of products; Botanicals and aromatherapy; Ingredients and products for skin issues; Pharmacology for estheticians

Tuition: 1800


Course: Skin Care Foundations

Inclusions: Complementing the Art of Aesthetics

Tuition: 500

Course: Advanced Body Care

Inclusions: Spa services including hair, nails, skin care and massage

Tuition: 1900


Course: Business and Retail Management

Inclusions: Financial Business Skills; Marketing your Business;

Tuition: 1900


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